When a barista isn't available on campus we may have a Philips Saeco self-service espresso machine available - for example usually at our cafe area in the reception at 786 King St W.

This machine is very simple to use - it takes beans in the top hopper, still water in the lower left drawer and drops used espresso pucks in the lower right drawer (to be discarded.)

Usually these machines will have water and espresso filled up but if you see an error light or the machine is off you may need to do the following:

Turning on the machine
Press the power button - it will flash green and go solid green when the machine is ready (usually ~30 seconds)

Brewing espresso or larger coffee
With the machine on and no warning lights displayed, place either an espresso or regular sized paper cup under the nozzle and press the appropriate button. You can press the button a second time to force the machine to stop brewing at the coffee size you like. There is a button (top) for espresso and a button (bottom) for American style coffee (i.e. long.)

Filling water
If you need to, slide the lower-left drawer towards you and fill to the MAX line with still water from our reverse-osmosis tap, then slide the drawer back in.

After refilling the machine, you may see a red light on the right hand size of the machine - you'll need to turn the knob to the right to dispense some water (please do so in a cup to discard), then turn the knob back - this flushes and primes the machine for brewing.

Instructional video

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