Depending on your membership plan, your company may have been assigned a certain number of credits to use per month.

Typically, credits included in your monthly plan are shared by all members belonging to your company and expire at the end of each month (refreshing each new month.)  

If you run out of credits our system will simply bill your company for additional space usage in your regular invoicing flow.

*Our room rates (as of July 1, 2020):

Intimate Meeting Spaces @ $50/hr (6 Person Rooms - Patio, Fast Forward & Rewind)
Board Rooms & Podcast Studio @ $100/hr (Cube, JPEG, Level Up! & Podcast Studio)

Buying a bundle of credits at once

For companies who meet often, you may find that budgeting for a set number of additional hours is easier so we've created specially discounted credit bundles which are available for purchase from our Member Portal.  

Once logged into click on 'Plans' from the left menu and you'll see a selection of credit bundles for purchase, offering 10 credits for 10% off or 20 credits for 20% off - choose the appropriate room size for the bundle you want (and yes you can select to buy more than one bundle at once - just change the quantity in the Order Summary on the right of your screen before selecting the Buy Now button.)

Additional Notes

  1. 1 Credit = 1 Hour of Space usage
  2. You can purchase a bundle to add to your company's account as a discounted safeguard for when you go over credits included with your membership plan, the bundle will stay on your account until its used up.
  3. Credits remaining on your account upon membership cancellation are non-refundable.
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