Renting the Space

*Non members can book the studio here:

We've simply furnished the room to accommodate a variety of setups - there's bench seating for 6-8 people with a spare table and stools for equipment to perch on and we have an HDMI tv mounted on one wall.

Rental comes with use of a Blue Yeti Mic on a boom arm (which means that your table bumps etc won't be as loud in recordings and no cables are dangling in front of you when you're in conversation.)  The microphone is USB and auto-detects for PCs and Macs as a sound input device - you shouldn't need to install any drivers to get going.

Recommended Podcasting Software
The best free software for recording and editing audio on PC or Mac is Audacity.  You can record your masterpiece as a WAV file, edit it using simple cut and paste tools with easy fades in and out plus add effects and other filters out of the box.

When you're ready to publish your audio, jump over to Soundcloud where you can upload the tracks you record and then push them automagically to iTunes so that people can subscribe and listen from anywhere in the world.

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