We use KISI at StartWell for front door access - its easy, automated and works on your phone so you never have to worry about keys or swipe cards to get into the building, just install the app on your phone and away you go!

Step 1 - Look for the welcome email from KISI

If you have an account on our Member Portal at https://members.startwell.co you should have received an email welcoming you to start using KISI.

If you did not receive an email from KISI (check your spam and trash folders please), then click the following link to have it resent to you:


Step 2 – Create Kisi Account for New Users

If you've recently had Kisi access shared with you but do not already have a Kisi account, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the email invite that granted you access with Kisi. It should read “Access to [name of place] granted”.
  2. Click on the button which says "Accept Share."
  3. The button will take you to the profile creation page. Put in your first and last name, and create a password for your account.
  4. Once you've created your profile, you will need to confirm your email.  Kisi will send you an email asking to confirm your email. Click the "Confirm Email Address" button.
  5. Once that is done, download the Kisi app on your mobile device.For Android users: go to the Google Play store and search for ‘Kisi’. You should see an icon of a black circle with a black "K" in the middle.
  • For iPhones users: go to the App store and search for ‘Kisi’. You should see an icon of a black circle with a black "K" in the middle.
  1. Download the application and open.
  2. Sign in to the Kisi app with your new credentials and you should be prompted to enable your settings.  Follow the prompts and you place(s) will appear when you're done.

Step 2 – Unlocking your Door with Kisi

No keys available?

Reach out directly help@startwell.co to get access to StartWell King West.

iOS Devices

When you open the app, you should see a list of doors where you have been shared access.  Select the desired place and your locks will appear with a blue lock icon.  Slide the lock icon to the right and it will unlock the door.

Android Devices

When you open the app, you should see one or more sliders available on the screen. These sliders will be labeled with the name of each door you have access to.  Slide the button from left to right until the slider turns green and gives you an unlocked message.


Step 3 – Using Kisi with the Readers

For offices with Readers, you have the additional option to open your doors by tapping your phone on the Kisi Reader. You may need to adjust some settings on your phone to enable this feature.

For Android devices:

  • Enable NFC
  • Enable location services
  • Phone screen is unlocked (some newer models do not need to be unlocked or the screen doesn't even have to be active)

For iOS devices:

Once those settings are confirmed, simply tap your phone to the reader and you will unlock to the door!


Kisi Cards

If you are not using a smartphone and have been issued a Kisi card by the concierge at StartWell, you will need to activate your card before you can use it.  To activate your card, please follow these steps.

Once your card is activated, you then need to hold the card up to the Kisi Reader Pro.  When the reader flashes green, the door is unlocked!

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