As StartWell is a membership based community it is important to register your guests with our staff whenever you have someone joining you for a short while to join a meeting etc…

We require members to:

  1. Tell your guests to sign in at the Concierge desk as soon as they arrive. The Concierge can direct them to the meeting room you have booked and also let you know your guests have arrived.
  2. Register your guests/visitors in advance – do this by logging into the Member Portal, clicking on ‘Register Guests’ and then clicking on ‘Add Visitor’ which shows a short form that will be sent to the Concierge.
  3. Pay for each guests who visits you at StartWell for longer than 4hrs without you booking a meeting room to meet them in (if they are in common space - e.g. for Club Members meeting in lounges, hot desks etc...)  Charges for guests will be automatically added to your regular invoicing.
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