We offer two ways to connect to the Internet at StartWell:

  1. Ethernet/Hard-Wired Connection: Depending on where your private office or dedicated desk is, we may be able to offer you an ethernet jack to plug directly into the network, giving you a faster connection than WIFI.  This connection can also power small devices likes internet-enabled telephones (using PoE.)
  2. WiFi –  Our WIFI networks are meshed; meaning that once you connect you can walk around StartWell not worrying about logging into the WIFI again on a separate network. Members will have been given the password to our 'StartWell' network in onboarding and Guests can use our complimentary 'StartWell (Guests)' network without a password.

Note - because we use a mesh network with a single SSID, often cases your laptop or other Internet enabled device may connect to a distant access point instead of the one closest to you, which can result in a slow connection. To rectify this, simply disconnect from the 'StartWell' WiFi and reconnect again. If that doesn't work, forget the network from your device's OS settings and reconnect from scratch.

If you are having any serious network issues at StartWell and are a registered member with us, please email networking@startwell.co  so that your issue can be diagnosed.  Be sure to include as much detail as possible - things such as:

  • Where in the building you are sitting
  • What specific hardware and OS you are using
  • What you have done to attempt to make things work better

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