We keep large garbage bins on each floor in the common areas as well as in food service areas and lounges.  Members are responsible for emptying any small bins they might keep under their desks or in their offices into the larger bins on their floor.  Garbage bins are cleaned out when our building cleaning staff come in 3 times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday/Sunday.)


  • Once you’ve opened your parcels and have a bunch of cardboard in your office or at your desk it is your responsibility to cut it down into easily-foldable sheets of cardboard (ideally tied up or folded into a box)
  • Bring your neat, bundled cardboard downstairs – someone at reception can direct you to where you need to leave them, or you can simply take them to the back of our building – you’ll see garbage and recycling bins behind 782 King St West.

Garbage and recycling are both picked up every Thursday evening by the city services – our cleaning staff will take the recycling from the back ally and put it on the street.

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