Nightly Cleaning Services
Our cleaners service our cafe and bar, common areas, washrooms, offices. private meeting and event spaces on a daily basis during the work week - to help them we ask members and guests to keep their offices and common space tidy, throwing out garbage in the black garbage bins and recyclables in the blue bins available throughout campus.

Practicing Good Hygiene
You'll always find hand sanitizer at reception and in common areas and we invite you to use it as liberally as needed. As well, we recommend washing your hands when visiting washrooms thoroughly - soap is provided where there are sinks and if you use our complimentary mouthwash please be sure to use and discard the paper cups provided for this purpose. 

If you are sick and must come into the office, remember that we have plenty of tissue boxes throughout campus - if you would like one for your workspace, please ask at reception.  Additionally, please respect the community's safety and take extra precautions (such as regular washing, hand sanitization etc...)

At our complimentary cafe you'll find a selection of self-serve beverages - in order to keep our community safe we ask that you only use clean receptacles when filling drinks from provided taps (you can use dishwashing liquid at common kitchen area sinks to wash water bottles etc if you are refilling at our water station etc...)

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