With every office plan at StartWell you are allowed a set number of people to work on campus. That number is determined when you commence your plan and typically matches the number of desks provided in your office by StartWell.

For every member of your team additional to the number of team members included in your plan, you must pay a Club rate for their campus access - whether they are interns, staff, consultants or anyone else. Note, each new member above your allotted private office occupancy will not get extra meeting room credits but instead draw from the pool your company has on a monthly basis just like any other team member.

You can register additional team members on our Member Portal or ask our team to add them for you. When new members are registered they will automatically get building access.

To learn about adding new Members to your StartWell account, we recommend reading this: http://help.startwell.co/en/articles/2986248-adding-new-members-to-your-company

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